Each of our garments is created in a unique and exclusive way reflecting an ultimate creativity executed with the best french craftsmanship and it is all about luxury and quality . From the finest fabrics , the most delicate materials to the shiniest of crystals .

All done by hand each garment could take from 100 to 800 hours of work leading to a special and unique masterpiece made to make each of our customers feels like a royalty when wearing it .


Located in the city of fashion ,Paris , our atelier where most of our garments are made includes 20 to 30 expertised ,highly skilled  workers and technicians who works on made-to-order gown for private clients .








Head Designer

Zeina Halabi ,graduated from the renowned Paris American Academy, located in the capital of art , fashion,gastronomy and culture ,the central of Europe , Paris… where she grew up influenced by the charm of this monumental,most beautiful city in the world , intrigued by its wealth of architectural heritage .Where she¬† launched her very first collection and stunned the fashion world with it .



Easy & Fun

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